I am glad that Mr.Metzger has a job. It is blatantly obvious that he hasn’t had to do any kind of job-hunting in the past decade or so.

He claims that 26 weeks is enough time to find a job, especially with all those web sites that pretty much find the jobs for you. I invite Mr. Metzger to contact me personally and observe what it is like in the real world of job hunting.

It took me a year to find a part-time job. There may be jobs available but they are jobs for which I am not skilled. The jobs that I do qualify for also have hundreds of other qualified applicants. There are simply too many job seekers and not enough jobs.

I cannot get more unemployment, I am not eligible for welfare and my hours were just cut drastically. This time of year, businesses are cutting staff and are not looking to expand. This is a horrible time to try to find a job. I have no savings, no safety net. If I do not get a job soon, I could very well end up homeless. By the way, I do have a college degree which actually hinders my job search rather than help it. Some retail establishments feel that I am overqualified and not likely to remain in their employ, when the opposite is actually true.

I have had to take a drastic cut in wages from what I was earning before, but I am not above working in retail to pay the bills. The simple fact is that there are hundreds of applicants for each job.

I am glad Mr. Metzger is “pleased” that so many people are facing homelessness.I hope it helps him sleep better at night knowing that it is merely a lack of ethics that keeps people from finding a job and avoiding the specter of homelessness.

Melissa Brown


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom