Votes dismissed

This letter is to inform the citizens of the 2nd ward of the borough of South Williamsport who voted in November.

You voted to have Larry Baker represent you on the ballot for borough council.

Larry Baker was running to fill a vacant seat left when Ben Landon resigned with a remaining term of two years.

Mr. Baker is highly qualified for this position since he has attended every borough meeting, every month for the past 10 years! There are six or seven meetings each month!

In the August meeting, the borough council decided to temporarily fill the vacant seat until the November election.

At this meeting, Mr. Baker asked to be chosen to fill the vacant seat during which he presented his qualifications and his plans to run in the election.

They did not give him that seat in August. They brought in another man who was friends of a few councilmen, but never had attended any borough meetings before.

After that meeting, this man reassured Larry that he did not plan on running in the November election, which he did not.

Larry Baker received 117 votes in the November election. At last Monday’s, Larry again asked for that vacant seat for two years because of the votes that he received.

Two women spoke for Larry and others were also present to support him. Five borough councilmen voted for the other man and only three voted for Larry. All 117 of us who voted for Larry Baker were not heard at that council meeting; they dismissed our votes. They made up their own rules and I feel that it is illegal and unconstitutional. If you feel likewise, let your voice be heard, don’t let them get away with this injustice!

Donna Follmer

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom