Wage madness

It has been in the news a lot lately of the protests to raise the minimum wage, and the reasoning behind the protest is always centered around getting paid more for the same unskilled job. Perhaps that kind of shallow thinking is why those people are only getting paid minimum wage! The fact is, the easiest way to get paid more than minimum wage is to acquire a skill that is worth getting paid more.

President Sir Liesalot, (Obama) has said that the minimum wage should be raised because a family of four cannot survive on that income. Well who in their right mind expects that the purpose of minimum wage is to feed a family of four?! The minimum wage is intended to be a starting point for unskilled workers; like students; to get into the job market and begin to learn the skills needed to advance to higher paying jobs, not as a final goal!

Suppose that the minimum wage is raised to $15/hr. then what about the skilled workers who are getting paid that much now, should they not get paid $22/hr? And what about those whose skill allows them to get paid $22/hr, and so on?

The highest expense paid out for most companies is in the form of wage and benefit compensation. Those expenses are tabulated into the final cost of the product that is being sold. If the employee’s expense is higher, then the final cost is higher, and the cost of living increases for everybody which puts everyone back in the same cycle of needing more money to pay for the increases in costs.

Places of employment will pay more than the minimum wage if they can to employees that they want to keep who are worth more, or risk loosing them to other jobs that pay more. When I first moved to this area, I could not get hired at a job paying $10/hr because the employer knew from my resume I was over qualified for what they could pay me, and that I would move on as soon as I found a job paying even a couple dollars more. He was right. I soon found a job with a wage that more matched my qualifications.

The only thing different between you and the person you envy is the choices you make. America is a land of equal opportunity. You have the same opportunity to achieve as much success as you are willing to work for. Give up the lottery mentality where you expect to get rich doing nothing, and set a goal; and then do what ever steps it takes to earn that goal. Don’t settle for less effort on your part; work for it and you will be surprised how quickly minimum wage can be a thing of the past.

Keith McAndrew


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom