A gentle boom

I didn’t know James Robinson. When my wife read me the first article in the paper about a man killed in an accident involving a city cruiser, I thought, what an awful thing to happen. As the days passed, a friend of mine shared with me the details of whom this person was, and an awful event turned to personal sorrow.

James Robinson was a young man I had worked with years ago at Giant Super Market, back when Giant was where TJ Max is today. James, or Boomer, as I knew him, was the first face a customer would see on their way into the store. Gathering the shopping carts in the parking lot, Boomer had an engaging smile and friendly hello for everyone. I can’t imagine any regular costumer not remembering him as a gracious ambassador for the store.

This past summer he and I had a chance meeting in the street. It was as if we had never lost contact. My last memory will be that of anyone who had the privilege of knowing James David Robinson; friendly, happy, and uplifting. The light Boomer placed in the hearts of all he met will “shine bright” for as long as they live. And, that, my friend, is a lot of light. Rest in peace, Boomer, you will be missed.

Gregory Zeitler


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom