Cold snap

This sub-freezing weather is far reaching. Think of it, those who went to Florida and left their homes empty and heating, often about 50 to 60 degrees, so their homes won’t freeze up. Well, that may not be enough to keep pipes from freezing in this Arctic freeze we are having. Just last night, I thought I heard a pipe break in my house and the heat was set at 78 degrees. I believe we are all vulnerable. R-19 insulation in the walls or block walls with average siding, just may not be enough to keep out the brutal cold.

Global warming, hardly! Where is Al Gore these days, off-shore or in hiding? He may want to surface and own up to his false predictions, especially when we are have a million new acres of ice in the Arctic.

Far-reaching, some people cannot work on their jobs, others aren’t shopping, some businesses and schools are closed, fuel bills are high, health issues for some become elevated and on and on. I am concerned about some people possibly freezing to death. Recently there were four lane highways in Atlanta backed up for five hours. Many abandoned their cars and walked home. The ice and cold was their worst in years. This all affects us in some way, for instance, the cost of vegetables in the future. In the West, cattle have been dying off because the water is frozen, this affects our price of meat. This scenario goes on and on. We must first solve our struggles the best we can and then reach out and help someone else. We are all in this together, so keep the faith and praise God for seeing us through it. There has got to be some light/heat at the end of the tunnel.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station