Common sense

Why? Why? This is a questions that has been asked a million times. How would you feel when a drunk driver killed one of your loved ones? Think about it, what would be your reaction or bring them back or make the pain and hurt and emptiness any easier?

There are more senseless accidents on the highway. The organization, M.A.D.D., Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, is a good group, but they can’t stop the drinking. If people would only use a little more common sense and realize what they are doing is only hurting themselves and others.

People are getting away with murder and our courts are allowing it to happen. This also includes drugs and guns.

America needs to get a face-lift if we are even going to expect anything good to come of this world. The world is running rampant with the evils of the devil. We as Christian and the community leaders are going to have to take a stand if we ever want to see America the way it used to be. If people who produce their products would close down their plants (maybe not) but God forbid if one of their loved ones would fall into the hands of a drunk driver or a shooting because of drugs, I’m sure it would be the rest of the story. What can we do about it?

Time is running out, but with our help and our letters and the help of God, there might be a chance.

Lois Hugill