EMT alert

On a recent trip to Williamsport my husband and I were approached from behind by an ambulance/van with lights flashing and sirens blaring at a RED light. Due to snow piles, we could not pull to the right. The driver of the van flailed his hands in his windshield at us.

My husband looked both ways, there was nothing coming, so he cautiously preceded through the red light and pulled over, underneath an overpass.

The EMT van driver blew threw the red light and went on his way passing us.

We decided to follow from far behind and take some video. We called the hospital company to report the incident, what we had witnessed and what had taken place.

To our surprise, they took the story apart, twisted the incident, turned it around and blamed us for allowing the EMT driver to bully us into breaking the law by running a red light!

I’m sure there would have been repercussions had we not proceeded through the red light!

We honestly thought this was an actual emergency and someone in the van was having a heart attack, stroke, etc. by the way the driver was acting. This was not the case, the van had no patient. Although reps from the EMT’s hospital base claimed there was an emergency, ultimately that was not the case, it was a patient transfer.

Mare Jackson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom