Etched in our minds

I was particularly interested in the Jan. 18 editorial because of my experience with United Healthy Care a few years ago.

Shortly after the then Health Care Reform Act (later cleverly re-worded, The Affordable Care Act) was signed into law by the president, with that unforgettable smirk on his face, I received a cancellation notice from the HSC … dumped, kicked out, with no explanation. It was a Medicare Advantage Plan I was very happy with. The only other remotely similar insurance available was much more expensive with co-payments three and four times higher and an annual out-of-pocket cap a whopping $6,000- plus!

So I decided to call Sen. Casey’s office to what their response might be.

I told the office it seemed unfair for the president to cut millions from Medicare Advantage plans, placing a serious burden on seniors, many of whom are struggling to get along on Social Security and fixed incomes. Her response was that it was inappropriate for these seniors to be “living off the taxpayer’s dime.” Later, I wondered how it could be wrong for a few million seniors to be “living off the taxpayer’s dime,” and OK for 30 million-plus others without insurance to do the same. She then went on a rant, blaming “those greedy insurance companies” for the high cost of health care. I guess she began to realize I was not a big supporter of her boss, so she became arrogant and confrontational, and I ended the call.

The president and the Democrats have been bashing “those greedy insurance companies” for years. And now, we are learning that if not enough young, healthy people sign up for ACCA insurance, the Obama administration is prepared to dump millions of taxpayer’s dollars to bail out “those greedy insurance companies” so they can avoid bankruptcy.

Etched in our minds are the words of ex-House Speaker Pelosi: “We’ll have to pass the ACCA to find out what’s in it.”

Denny Wahler