FEMA extortion

I am absolutely amazed at the people that think the recent Biggert-Waters Act debacle is simply remedied by thousands of people simply moving away from any area that “may” flood. Are you kidding me? Where? How?

Just pull a house out of your butt in Montgomery, Muncy, Williamsport, Montoursville, Jersey Shore, Lewisburg and the list goes on and on to include just about every community in Pennsylvania along with any coastal state in the country. Not to mention a couple hundred thousand dollars and a piece of high ground to move to. Ridiculous, an idiotic statement at best.

Whether or not you feel that someone has no right to live anywhere that any disaster can take place, the Biggert-Waters Act is just plain extortion.

People that pay flood insurance are not asking for a hand-out. FEMA has collected 49 billion dollars in premiums since 1978, they have paid out, including all disasters, 43 billion dollars as of 2012. Where did the excess of 6 billion dollars go? Perhaps to study the cheese eating habits of mice in Omaha. I don’t know. All that I know is this is not tax money that should be squandered like the rest of our tax dollars, it is “insurance” Insurance money that was paid in good faith and would be used for flood disaster.

So all of you people that think that thousands of homes should be torn down because their furnaces might get damaged or their carpeting might get wet every 5-10-50 years how about we target some other high risk properties. Lets say those high rises in New York that might be susceptible to low flying planes with bombs, or how about all homes that are near anyone that is selling drugs, or perhaps any neighborhood there has been a robbery in the last 5 years, definitely tornado alley or just some place you deem undesirable. Perhaps one day the government will come along and pull the rug from under you and I will be the first to turn my back and say “well should have moved.” Not let me help you save your home, lets find a solution so we can all live where we are happy and can afford.

Our forefathers came to this country to seek liberty and freedom. I have not been an active supporter of the Tea Party campaign but as time goes by and more and more liberties are being threatened, I see myself doing some research about other options. I see the day when the citizens of this country will stage a Tea Party of their own and it is not a matter of IF it is WHEN.

Linda Schreiber


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom