Flood Insurance

Have you ever read the joke about the dog who sat on a pricker and howler and howled, but wouldn’t move off of it? This is what I think about FEMA and Biggert-Waters and having the big debt over repeated floodings and now howling without doing anything about preventing the floods.

These many years gone by, they could have built up the banks (dike) and put boulders over the banks to keep the earth from washing away and digging out the gravel bars, making the path of the water deeper to give the flood water a free flowing path. Too expensive!! Look at the jobs it would have given and helped, not only, homes and businesses, but the economy. Look at all the mountains with boulders and earth, government owned all around us. Also where are the environmentalists? Flood water is very contaminated and bad for humans. They care about bugs and crops.

Jean Fuller


Flood Insurance

Instead of worrying about the crayfish and trout that have made it through “decades” of natural disasters, why aren’t you focusing on cleaning out the creeks, streams and rivers that are causing homes and businesses to be washed down with them.

You’re worried about the Chesapeake Bay, look at all the debris and trash heading there now! Fix the cause. Raising flood insurance isn’t going to solve anything.

Beni Jo Hall

Trout Run