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I am sorry to say that I can’t remember all three robberies that happened in one week in Williamsport but I do remember the one at Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is in Loyalsock Township and comes under the heading for the state police. I believe that River Avenue is where the city limits are considered.

It would be very difficult to place police officers in any particular section of Williamsport because nobody knows where these crimes are being committed.

Yes, crime is very high in our city, but I have attended meetings held in the mayor’s office and on the wall in his office are pictures of the people who are on the Most Wanted List.

My question is, when they are arrested, why are the judges putting them back on the streets to do many more crimes?

Our judges need to be more strict when these criminals are arrested and they need to set higher bails so they are keep in jail for more time. Setting a higher bail would also help.

Spencer Sweeting’s message in the newspaper was right in saying watch out for your neighbors. Our Neighborhood Watches do exactly that.

We let people know how easy a job this is. Senior Citizens are home a lot and this is an easy task to look out for your neighbors.

By doing this simple task of watching out for your neighbors it is to better our community and it is not that difficult to do.

At the rate crime is happening, it is impossible for police to be everywhere. Not knowing where crime is going to occur, it is impossible to put officers in any special place.

Mr. Sweeting has the right ideas to challenge everybody to do the right thing and it will help to make a big difference in our community.

This is exactly what Neighborhood Watches are doing; we are looking out for our neighbors.

Sally L. Wiegand


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom