Give decision to doctors

Kevin Suitor, you mention about smoking medical marijuana. I am not sure if you realize that there are oils derived from cannabis that have helped tremendously with seizures from epilepsy. These oils are taken from plants that have a low THC content and are taken orally without the patient getting a high from them. There has been an exodus of people leaving Pennsylvania to seek this help for their children after trying every pharmaceutical drug their doctors have prescribed with little relief.

Dr Sanjai Gupta did a 45 minute video this year about all of the good things that medical marijuana can provide and in my opinion the reason that medical marijuana is not legal is that the pharmaceutical industry keeps wanting to push their useless and dangerous drugs for profit.

I think that we should take this decision out of the hands of politicians and give it to the doctors. There is only one candidate that is running for governor this year that has lead the way for this to happen, John Hanger has a three-step plan.

John Foote

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom