Give them credit

I am talking mayors, in particular New York City’s Bill DeBlasio and previously Mike Bloomberg and Gabe Campana of Williamsport.

Every year, for years, I have taken bus trips to “The Big Apple”, i.e. New York City. Always on these (previous) trips, I observed hobos, panhandlers, street vendors sticking their scarves and ear muffs in your face as you peacefully walked by. Also, we walked through scaffolding, street projects, and illegal aliens standing on boxes, screaming their ideology at you. Not to mention the animal rights (kooks) openly snearing at folks wearing beautiful fur coats. All these events happened on many street corners from the theater district through Times Square and many other places. This was very disturbing to the joyous holiday visitors.

This year, you saw none of it. The whole place was cleaned up. The innocuous atmosphere was joyous and thus good for visitors and the merchants. The sitting and previous mayors deserve credit, the buck stops with them.

In Williamsport, many things are happening, some we see and some we don’t. When we see events that are positive and we are “happy,” let’s be mindful to give Gabe Campana some credit. I think he is concerned and works hard.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station