Global warming hypocrisy

Really? Global warming is the “most fearsome” destructive weapon? What about the thousands of innocent people killed by bombs, chemical weapons, guns, drones, etc? Flat earth society? Really? Then why are many respected scientists not in agreement with the “global warming” sensationalists?

Whatever the weather, the cause is global warming? If we did go into another ice age which we won’t would these same people continue to call it global warming? Down through the years the globe has had unusual weather, and people were sensible enough to call it just that “unusual weather.” In the 1800s, there was a year that had no summer no crops could be planted. The following year everything was back to normal, and farmers that year used their corn from two years before to plant their crop. This was reported in the now defunct “Mountain Echo” from Shickshinny. No one called that event “global warming.”

Secretary of State John Kerry is making millions on his pet theme, aided by a liberal media, yet his lifestyle does not reflect someone concerned about conserving energy. Major issues of human rights, following the Constitution, honesty and integrity are ignored while this theme is promoted. Our own nation’s resources are discouraged and unused while our citizens are required to pay taxes and use their financial resources for more expensive, less efficient energy. Perhaps common sense would prevail if we did as we used to tell our small children ” just ignore him and (hopefully) he’ll go away.”

Linda Shypulefski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom