It’s showtime

It’s that time of year for all the awards shows. I’m talking about the Grammys, the Golden Globes, the Oscars, with all the pomp and circumstance that the rich and famous in Hollywood and New York can muster. And they shall ascend the dais and receive their awards and thank everyone, even their fans, for making them rich and famous. No doubt, the talent is there as it is everywhere in these United States. If you’ve ever gone on a cruise or theme park and watched the shows, there is just as much talent all over the country; is the “stars'” talent really that extraordinary?

For me, it is all liberals celebrating liberals. Gone are the happy days of course jabs at George Bush and his illegal wars and his lack of intelligence. Now we celebrate our President, but we still have those uncaring “fat cat” Republicans who only care about the Rich.. Oh, did I mention that these Stars are rich? And we certainly know how much of their “profit” goes to their poor fans, don’t we? Maybe with that special section at the awards for the ordinary “Joe and Josie” to come in and enjoy the fruits of their labors, i.e. the money they’ve spent to enjoy the “Stars” talent; where is that? Nope. Millions upon millions of dollars are wasted, not on illegal wars, but on before and after show parties in premium hotels and on mansions spread across the country and the world. No expense is spared for parties in the mansions and exotic ports of call to celebrate how well off they are, not to mention how important they are.

Now, we all know how Conservatives care only for the rich. Their slogan, “a hand up, not a hand-out” doesn’t help the single mother with a dysfunctional child or children. And, they want to “punish” an unwed teenager with a child. How cold. But, let a Conservative adopt a child of another race and its’ open season on the cruel comments!

There is nothing wrong with anybody being “rich”. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of ones’ labors. It’s what you do with those resources that speak about the quality of the owner. Jesus said, “Give all you have to the poor, pick up your cross, and follow me.” We are all guilty of not doing that because we too have to live and eat and pay bills.

Instead of demonizing certain “rich” people and holding up others, lets everybody give all they can, not to the government to dole out but directly to charities who don’t funnel off operation expenses and hundred thousand dollar CEO salaries and bring the poor out of poverty, not take the rich down to the level of the poor.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom