Maybe someday

With proposals for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which will more safely and more efficiently connect new north prairie oilfields with existing gulf coast refineries, recently clearing major hurdles toward approval, as reported in your paper recently, President Obama’s top priority, jobs for (legal) Americans, should be getting a much-needed boost.

Of course, as we hereabouts have learned to be dubious of some natural gas development rumors, so midwestern Americans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high, because Obama seems to have several simultaneous top priorities. Through his first term, along with jobs, Obama mentioned free trade agreements, energy security, education reform, student loan reform, exports by small businesses, ending homelessness among veterans, hurricane preparedness, flu vaccinations, support for military families, strengthening ties with Canada and Mexico, consumer protection, and environmental protection all as a top priority.

More recently, at the beginning of his second term, his stated top priorities were gun control, err, curbing gun violence, global warming, err, climate change, and amnesty for illegals, err, comprehensive immigration reform.

By late 2013, he had moved on some, and first was a stated goal of actually passing a federal government budget, instead of yet again “voting present” and going for a sixth straight Democrat/Senate controlled, no-new-spending-decisions-necessary continuing resolution.

His other two favorites were getting a farm bill passed, and, comprehensive, big-ticket, all-eggs-in-one-basket, amnesty-and-citizenship, Obamacare-style immigration reform. Months later, a news service reported “President Obama Eyes Immigration Reform as a Top Priority For 2014”. Some would have defined his top priority to more likely be repairing Obamacare’s inoperative website during that time, but Obama didn’t.

He will, however, at random intervals, claim and reclaim, ad infinitum, that the economy is his top priority, and always has been.

Which might lead him back around to “jobs”, and approving the proposed construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, someday. Maybe someday.

Andrew Reibson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom