Obamacare’ establishes state exchanges which allow insurers to offer competitive plans to consumers under the age of 65 with subsidies for those who cannot afford them. Critics have argued, among other things, that “the premiums of some have gone up, some have not been able to keep their doctors and some have not been able to keep their current insurance plans.”

For these reasons, Republicans have tried everything in their power to repeal or sabotage the implementation of the law and are gleeful at every glitch and problem that has occurred in its rollout.

That is why it is so curious that the same Republicans who think “Obamacare” is such a disaster for non-seniors are proposing nearly the same thing for seniors with Medicare. As National Journal reporter Sam Baker has put it: “Both Obamacare and the Republican supported Ryan plan for Medicare move a big group of people into the private insurance market. Both rely on private insurance, sold through a competitive exchange, with support from government subsidies, and each plan’s losers will have the same story to tell.”

If Obamacare is so bad for everyone else, why would it be good for seniors on Medicare? Maybe a better way to go is not to change Medicare into Obamacare but to change Obamacare into a reformed, fiscally sound “Medicare-for-All Program.”

Tim Mannello


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