As a parent of three children in the Southern Tioga School District, I am outraged at what has taken place since the new board members have been elected.

They have started their term lying to the community and no one seems to be willing to call them out on it. I have done my research and I find the timeline of events very interesting. I have come to the conclusion that the Southern Tioga School District board members forced our superintendent out. They were not willing to work with Mr. Yarger, so they found a way to remove him. I find it very interesting that so many of our previous board members resigned after this decision was made.

Would you purchase a new home in December to set roots in a community if you planned on leaving your position? No! Would you and your spouse commit to volunteering to take two important positions in an organization that their own children are active in if you plan on leaving? No!

The new board is hoping the community is not smart enough to figure this out. They want Mr. Yarger to look like the bad guy. I know Mr. Yarger would not walk out on our children or their educational opportunities. Anyone who knows the Yarger family would know how much he cares about the Southern Tioga School District and the communities.

We as a community have the right to know the details to the separation agreement between Mr. Keith Yarger and the Southern Tioga School Board. What is going to happen after July 1? How much is this agreement costing our school district?

Must I remind you we are already in a deficit and now they are paying off our superintendent and will have to hire one that may cost the district even more money.

I would like to know if the person they selected to fill in for Mr. Yarger’s even has the credentials to do so?

I suggest the community starts asking these questions and demands answers. I do not trust a single word the new board members say. It’s time to show Southern Tioga School Districts board members we have a voice!

Lorraine Thompson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom