Saving gun rights

When I observed law-abiding gun owners lining up in Connecticut to register their legal firearms with their Subduers, it reminded me of the videos, “Auschwitz”, and “The Nazis,” a warning from history. It showed Jews, Gypsies, and undesirables waiting in line to board the trucks and trains to the extermination camps compliments of their duly elected executioners. A Pompous Orator in 1933 convinced the masses of his grandiose vision that would transform Germany and by 1945 during his 12-year rein, Hitler and the Nazis murdered 21 million people including six million Jews, and destroyed the most highly educated and advanced nation in the world.

No one believed the Weimar Republic would be transformed into a dictatorship during the 1920’s. However, upon becoming Chancellor in 1933, Hitler used Germany’s Constitutional “Rule by Degree” to enact the “Enabling Law.” This granted him Executive Authority to deceitfully circumvent Germany’s Constitution under the disguise of personal safety and national security. To secure absolute rule he obtained the names of all registered gun owners under Germany’s 1928 Gun Control Law, and then confiscated weapons from everyone except the Elite Guard-SS, Storm Troopers-SA, Veterans-Stahlhelms, and Nazi party sympathizers. Those who possessed firearms without authorization were viewed by the Nazis as enemies of the government and were searched, disarmed, incarcerated or executed.

Our 2nd Amendment states the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; Pennsylvania’s Constitution reads the right shall not be questioned; Samuel Adams assurance; “The Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to prevent peaceful citizens from keeping their own arms.” Millions of Patriotic law-abiding gun owners should refuse to register their firearms, and then place a trigger lock on the political ambitions of any Federal or State Legislator promoting dictatorial firearm restrictions

William L. Emick


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom