Snow removal need

Regarding snow removal on streets of Williamsport and the adjoining boroughs following the recent spate of storms, I wonder whatever happened to the enforcement of the ordinance of odd-even parking to facilitate plowing? If residents have 24-48 hours after a snowfall to shovel off their sidewalks or face a fine, why not implement odd-even parking so that all streets, or at least all of the main ones, are made passable.

Rural Avenue, leading to the hospital, is a prime example of terrible snow removal. The street in some areas is so narrow as to not allow safe 2-way passage. The city is not the only place where these conditions exist. South Williamsport also needs to keep its streets better maintained following major snow storms. Odd-even parking allows street crews to fulfill this task. Certainly, it’s inconvenient at times for those who park on the streets, but the end result is what’s really needed.

Jim Jones


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom