The fight

I want to thank those who attended the Stop FEMA Now rally at Trout Pond Park. We thank those of you who showed and we continue to fight this debacle and spread the word; we hope you help us in this fight.

Here are examples of the inefficiency, incompetence and possible criminal acts on the part of FEMA, that have caused us to come to this sad state of affairs. The Congress voted for this insane legislation but FEMA is the agency screaming for additional money.

The first example involves Tulane University in New Orleans. It is a high dollar private institution that carries flood insurance due to its location. Tuition to attend is the school is $50,000-plus per year. When hit with the damages caused by Katrina, the university received $28.8 million out of NFIP funds. Holy Cross School, also in New Orleans, is a private K-12 school. They also received NFIP funds to cover their losses with the receipt of $48.9 million.

The last example of incompetence and criminal action on the part of FEMA I will reference involves a multi-use dam in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It also purchased flood insurance and hit the jackpot with FEMA when claiming damages, being awarded $13.8 million.

So there you have three glaring examples of federal government incompetence and waste. If this was a private business it would have already declared bankruptcy if operated in this manner.

You are all going to be affected by Biggert-Waters 12 eventually; it may not be today, tomorrow or next year. But if this stands, you will hear more in the form of increased taxes, a busted housing market, a depressed economy, etc. If you do not believe this, just ask local realtors how many lost sales they have had just recently; ask local, county, state officials and school boards what they will have to do if they lose taxes due to flood properties now being worth nothing.

You have a choice, either get involved and take a stand and help your neighbors or do nothing, let your neighbors suffer now and face your own consequences later.

Jeff Smead


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom