The Great Wall

Ok, here we go with Williamsport Area School District talking about raising real estate taxes to fund their mistakes. Anyone who is from this area knows the ongoing problems at the former Roosevelt School. For decades there was always a joke that someday the school would sink because of the swampy land it was built on. Renovation began and, big surprise, water issues, therefore we now have the Great Wall of Newberry.

Anyone who lives or drives West Fourth Street in the west end knows what I am talking about. Who was responsible for the planning? They failed and now it will cost us.

Where did the money from the sale of the three schools go? Why does the district keep putting there hand out for more every year? School is a place for learning and gathering social skills, not to sit around and admire the beautiful building.

The school board does as they choose. Two years ago, we, the parents of Round Hills students, pleaded with the school board to please spare our school, to no avail. The school was closed. One of the sticking points with them was that most of the children who attended were having to be bussed, so now my daughter, instead of being bussed 1/2 miles, is on a bus for 5 miles up Lycoming Creek Road.

Every 7th and 8th grader will go to the former Roosevelt, so every child not within a mile of walking distance will have to be bussed. How did this move save any money?

Williamsport Area School District and board members, people are having enough trouble sticking to their own budget. It’s time for the school board to do the same.

Lauri Huther


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom