The real facts

The public needs to know the real facts behind the political battles raging in Harrisburg.

There are a small group of radical legislators who want to prohibit me from making voluntary payroll deductions to pay my union membership dues. Why do they care what I do with my money?

It’s simple. If they can stifle the voice of the working middle class – the big corporations win. Gov. Tom Corbett has sided with wealthy corporate interests at every turn during his term of office, and he’s been rewarded with millions of dollars for his re-election campaign.

Instead of focusing on how to improve conditions for middle-class families, the governor and his supporters in the General Assembly are now pushing bills that would prohibit me from making voluntary payroll deductions, and eliminate my right to choose which organizations I support.

Legislation like this is being promoted all over the country by a network of out-of-state billionaires and corporate special interests.

They use right-wing front groups like the Commonwealth Foundation and the American Legislative Exchange Council, who refuse to identify their wealthy backers. These are the same shadowy groups who backed efforts to privatize Social Security and Medicare, and opposed increases in the minimum wage.

This is an attack on the middle class, pure and simple. The supporters of this legislation claim they’re trying to help workers, but the real goal is to weaken workers’ ability to fight for job security, good wages, and benefits. It singles out teachers, nurses, public safety workers, and others by prohibiting our voluntary payroll deductions, but continues to allow deductions going to insurance companies, big banks, and financial companies.

And it’s blatantly unfair.

This is just another case of Gov. Tom Corbett and his legislative allies putting corporate interests and wealthy contributors ahead of the middle class. Pennsylvania has real problems, like jobs and education, and politicians should start solving them.

Deb Kuhar


Teacher, East Lycoming School District

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom