The real worry

A marijuana ring was just busted in Williamsport. Thirteen individuals are now known as drug traffickers. Shouldn’t the police be more worried about the heroin epidemic that is ongoing in Williamsport? People bring heroin into Williamsport everyday and the cops are more worried about some weed.

Marijuana is legalized for medicinal use in 20 states and the District of Columbia.

Not to mention it’s recreational use is legal in two states. Pennsylvania submitted a medicinal marijuana bill for 2014.

The legalization is coming in the near future and some of these poor kids have half a million dollar bails. A child rapist just had a bail of $100,000.

People who still think marijuana is harmful to you are in the Stone Age. You all truly sound stupid with your arguments!

Marijuana, compared to millions of deaths caused by tobacco, alcohol and other drugs?

Get with the times! Free these innocent people.

Johnny Gibs


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom