True to ourselves

We must speak from the truth not what others wish for us to say!

The above statement is for citizens and politicians. Whether we are liberal conservative, Democrat, Republican, or independent we need to stop allowing others to direct our speech and decisions.

If the liberals had backbone then Obamacare would not have become law. However, those in power in the Democratic Party, including Pres. Obama, directed the underlings to do their bidding without question.

When will the liberals wake up and learn that the more you give or do for another the less they will do for themselves.

Most of the laws on our books are there for all citizens of the United States. The laws were made from the heart, (as I have often done), rather than using the brain, that God gave us. These laws have made us lazy. We expect that the government should take care of us. We are not children and should not expect the government, or others, to be our parents.

Being this is the year for the General Election, we need to weed out those who are spineless, afraid of going against their party, and cannot seem to speak using facts on what is best for this great nation and its people.

I am tired of the liberals, especially the media, finding fault with whatever the Republicans wish to accomplish. All of the citizens need to work together to weed out those who will sell their souls for a vote and the power that comes with being in the government.

Citizens, if you wish to have this nation remain free for your children and grandchildren, then act, now!

Ida Temple

Mansfield Tea Party

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom