Unfair lynching

Reporting the accident which caused a man’s death is news; running a headline asking if the DA is charging him yet is sensationalism and I believe taints the jury pool.

There is an investigative process that takes place to determine the facts of what happened and for the news media to imply they have already found the police officer involved to be worthy of criminal charges is the same as telling your readers you have found him guilty.

Many of the readers who are writing in are not wanting to know the facts of what happened. They just want to castigate the police, including the local attorney who has already written in stating it is the fault of the police department leadership. His prejudice in the matter is outstanding knowing that his only famous win was against the police in another matter under different circumstances.

Not one person had any questions about the case, indicating they already made up their minds as to what happened, based on their prejudices and what they believe from the news media.

Should we form a lynch mob now?

Ray Hartman