Voter suppression act

I read your editorial about Pennsylvania’s voter identification act. This law was clearly designed to deny the right to vote to certain classes of people who historically vote Democratic. Republican Majority Leader Mike Turzai infamously declared in 2012 that the Voter ID law “is gonna allow Gov. Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.”

When this country was founded, everyone had a right to vote, as long as he was a rich, white male. Some folks seem to long for those golden days of yesteryear, but over the past 200 years, we have evolved into a country where everyone has the right to participate in the decision making process.

You claim that there should be no problem, as most people already have the ID they need, but there are a lot of people in Pennsylvania who do not live in the same world that you do.

If you can’t get to a big box store where you can charge your pants with the credit card you don’t have, after showing the driver’s license you have never had, you shouldn’t be denied the right to vote. Many people, including the working poor, who were born to poor parents, would find it very difficult to provide the required documentation to get their ID unless they hired a lawyer, which they could never afford to do.

The judge found that the voter ID law would deny the right to vote to over 100,000 people in Pennsylvania, and that the state “wholly failed to show any evidence of in-person voter fraud.” If you can’t win an election by convincing people that your ideas and ideals are the right ones, that doesn’t give you the right to steal the election by subterfuge.

I was once a registered Republican and voted for Nixon against my father’s advice. I am ashamed of that and every Republican should be.

Richard Tobin


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom