7 brides, 1 brother

I wonder why conservative Christians and Mormons or anyone else who condemns science and reason are still having so many kids.

They believe the rapture will happen in their lifetime yet have these huge broods of children.

Some of the most popular reality shows that don’t involve Pawn Brokers or wealthy red necks making duck calls are about couples having tweanty kids an Mormons with multiple wives. I like when lunacy is validated with wealth & fame. Since when did it become endearing to have several women be subjugated by an archaic religion that tells them they have to be married to one man?!

The Learning Channel acronym should be changed to The Lunatic Channel! You can’t take care of that many kids even with four moms who are being held emotionally hostage by a Mormon that looks like a burned out surfer dude!

I thought The Jersey Shore was the worst example of human behavior televised on reality tv but at least when they got drunk and hooked up they were using birth control. Yes, I’m saying it, Guido’s from Jersey are more responsible than church going folks from the Midwest!

Daniel S.Yoxtheimer

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom