I have just recently learned that there are Muslim “enclaves” spread across the United States; 22 that we know about. This information was recently obtained from the FBI by a Freedom of Information request. This information was “declassified” and has only now been released to the public. I’ve got a couple of questions.

Why was this information classified or are we now protecting potential enemies of the United States on American soil?

Are there illegal assault rifles and/or explosives located on these enclaves? I’m sure Sen. Diane Feinstein would like to know.

Does the appointment of Mohamed Elibiary to the DHS have anything to do with this cover-up? The article blames the Department of State.

Unfortunately for us, Egypt has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization but, why won’t we? It looks like our government has determined that these encampments are not to be a concern to it’s citizens. It looks like the only ones who are concerned about our safety are our own citizens. It looks like “we” may be the new “expendable” Native Americans. It looks like there’s a storm on the horizon….

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom