After reading the article in the newspaper about the woman who was arrested for not getting her daughter the proper care that she needed should not be allowed to get away with this.

When we have children we need to make sure they get the proper attention such as clothes. food, and medical. If this woman knew her daughter had taken all the pills she should have taken her to the emergency room immediately. Because this girl had to have a liver transplant was a very serious thing. Even after she called her doctor she failed to respond as to what she was told. No excuse for such behavior.

Also, the person responsible for the neglect of the horses should be ashamed of the condition these animals were in. If she took the responsibility to care for these animals she surely was paid to treat them properly.

I agree with the other letter that these people’s pictures should be in the paper. They should be arrested and spend time in jail because this is criminal. Some people have no respect for their animals and certainly not be allowed to have any pets.

The people who have misused children or animals they should be made an example of by putting their pictures in the newspaper as well as the animals. Remember animals expect us to give them the proper care.

Sally L. Wiegand


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom