Consider Somalia

All the Tea Party aficionados who are constantly whining and complaining about liberals, democrats, president Obama, taxation, health care, the federal government and it’s various departments, etc, etc., may want to consider moving to Somalia. No government (or its pesky regulations), taxes, health care, social security and the freedom to do whatever you want would seem like the Tea Party’s nirvana. If you want to live in a Somalia like environment then please take your paranoia and leave.

The Tea Party with their compassionless misguided principles, uncompromising ideals and disparaging criticisms is tearing this country apart. The vitriol presented by the Tea Party only serves its members and does little to sway the majority from more rational thinking. Even the white, rich, slave owning so called “founding fathers” found time to present their different opinions without the acrimony exhibited by the Tea Party.

Ron Kamzelski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom