Corbett’s motive

I read with interest the article about the governor trying to prevent the consideration of William Capoulliez as Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Mr. Capoulliez has a thorough understanding of gas company operations and has been an effective negotiator with gas companies on leases of State Game Commission land, working hard to protect wildlife resources and the interests of the sporting public. Since this state allows public employees to work with private interests on their own time, I don’t think it is a conflict for him to represent private property owners in negotiation with gas companies, even if they are the same companies he negotiates with for Game Commission leases. He is working for the private property owner, not the gas company, and he would have no pecuniary interest with the gas company. If he were to directly negotiate a lease of his own property with a gas company, and then negotiate a lease on Game Commission property with the same company, then that could be a conflict.

I suspect the real intent behind Governor Corbett’s efforts to quash the appointment of Mr. Capouillez is because he is a tough and able negotiator that his gas company handlers would rather not deal with, or at least have some control over with a sympathetic executive director.

Kevin McJunkin


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom