I was once told, “Don’t send a letter in anger or reactive emotions. If you do write one put it away for a couple of days and rethink if you want to send it.” Today, I am ignoring this advice and writing the content to this letter in disgust!

I just read the Feb. 22 front-page headline “NO FOOD FOR HORSES”. It is very hard for me to understand that people can not or will not take responsibility for caring for animals. Whether it be feeding , sheltering , providing adequate exercise or even controlling the reproduction. Too often animals are just dropped off along side of a road or even in dumpsters. It truly make me sick to my stomach to see reports of incidents on television or in the newspaper.

In the article expressed the idea of “it’s not just dogs and cats, it’s horses and cattle as well as others , they depend upon us for food. It truly does not stop there they also depend on us for health care, physical maintenance, companionship as well as “love”. In turn we should embrace the unconditional love that each return.

I am truly outraged that people that do not take reasonable care of animals are not punished to a further extent. I personally would like to see the pictures of the offenders be placed next to the articles identifying those proven guilty of unreasonable care of animals. Maybe the embarrassment of visual identification will help deter bad behavior.

My focus in this writing is based on the headlines in the paper stated above. I realize that there are many other areas of “tremendous concerns” in our society today. I believe that each one of them could have a constructive writing that would be entitled “Disgusted”.

There is a song with lyrics “You Can Make A Difference” encouraging each of us to reach out and touch another’s life and set an positive example for them {each one reach one}. Maybe, just maybe, that person will reach out and touch another and show them there is a lot of good to be had in this world today. Yes, let’s move the mountain, “one stone at a time”, You can make a difference if you will only try.

Bill Burget


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom