Divide and conquer

Second home owners are being discriminated against with a a $250 yearly fee plus rates still skyrocketing. This country has money for all kinds of wasteful spending but when it comes to saving our own housing market? If it wasn’t for StopFemaNowPA, where would this country be next year? Small business can make or break a nation. This will take out small business. (Ice cream shop in Hughesville paying $16,000 a year.) My husband said we are not paying $6,000 a year for flood insurance on one building! We would have to raise our rents $200 per 2 bedroom apartment. What tenant could afford that?

Flood insurance has been a waste of money for close to 20 years for me, having no claims ever! They should reduce my rate for good behavior, not raise it 10-fold.

According to the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, my rates are still going up, but according to my insurance agent I am grandfathered and my rates are staying the same? Does anyone really know what is going on??

Mim Logue

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom