Whose leadership endangers the 2nd Amendment and students safety? Connecticut’s “Democrat” Governor Dan Malloy enacted a gun control law after the Sandy Hook massacre when 20 students and 6 staff were murdered at Newtown’s “Gun Free” school. His law required all law-abiding citizens possessing “legally owned” semi-automatic rifles and large capacity magazines to register them by January 4th, 2014, or sell them to a licensed dealer, render them permanently inoperative, hand them over to the police, or remove them from the state. With an estimated 370,000 rifles and over a million magazines in circulation, only 50,000 firearms and 35,000 large capacity magazines have been registered.

Consequently, “Thousands” of gun owners who refused to comply with Malloy’s law are now considered felons and may experience: police battering down their doors, guns and magazines confiscated, plus fine and jail time. Some gun owners who ignored this registration deadline may be weighing Thomas Jefferson’s words, “the beauty of the 2nd is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” This possibility has alarmed the Legislatures supporting this law and they are seeking police protection, after being informed their names and addresses may appear on the web. The state police are also concerned with the anti-gun politicians and high level law enforcement officials, for foolishly placing their lives at risk if gun owners resist by defending their 2nd Amendment rights.

Kansas “Republican” Sam Brownback has protected, not invalidated, law-abiding gun owners Constitutional right to own semi-automatic firearms, magazines, and ammunition, Enacted a decree preventing Government agents from enforcing laws, treaties, and regulations that violated citizens 2nd Amendment rights, Insured Kansas public schools and colleges would never become killing fields by passing a law allowing designated school employees to carry concealed weapons, and become the “first defenders” against psychopathic individuals.

William L. Emick


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom