Good deed

In a day where there is so much negative going on I feel I have to respond to a very positive thing that happened. Last week my husband was on the way to the garage to get our car for a doctor’s appointment. I was still inside getting my coat on when the doorbell rang. Thinking he forgot something I answered the door to find a gentleman, that I did not immediately recognize, standing there and saw my husband laying on the ground with a second gentleman holding his head.

These men were from J Jay Services in Montoursville and had seen him fall down the steps. They were right there to help him, making sure he was o k, then helping him to his feet & even waited to be sure he was o k as we walked to the garage.

People like this just don’t happen every day & we are very fortunate to have them. A very special thank you to these two gentleman & we wish them a great day every day. Thankfully all turned out alright as my husband was not seriously injured, just a little stiff and sore. Goes to show there are still good people!

Eileen Raisch


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom