I said it before. Williamsport School District is greedy! The paper Feb. 20 proved that I am right! Just where are people going to get all the money that the school board, flood insurances, landlords, grocery stores, etc., want?

People who get Social Security got about $14 raise this year. My landlord raised our rent by $10, then insurance went up almost $10 and big bucks for the flood insurance if we have it. The prices in the grocery stores have gone up too and now thanks to our schoool board, anyone who owns their own home is going to have to pay more money. Just how do we as taxpayers pay all of us? That $14 didn’t go too far, did it? Then there are the poor folks who don’t have, nor can get jobs … just what are they supposed to do? It is all about the money today, isn’t it? But if we don’t have it, we don’t have it.

It is about time people wake up and stand up for what is right in our country and not let these money hungry companies and our government run us out of existence! Every day the Constitution is violated and every day our appointed politicians condone it! Stand up citizens! Get off the couch and do something! We CAN fight City Hall (so to speak.) Our government needs to know that WE are the people who pay them and that they’d better straighten up!

Gretchen H. Kennedy