Help the handicapped

Handicapped and need to obtain a handicap placard? Here’s my experience which all can learn a lesson from. You can go to the notary on Main Street in Hughesville. You pay $5 for notary service and then get asked if you want it to be messengered. What does this mean? You will have it within two weeks; otherwise, you mail it yourself and receive it whenever it comes. Okay, I’m in a wheelchair. Three weeks pass with no word.

While on the way to a doctor appointment, we stopped by Main Street to inquire about the status of the placard. After a quick check online, my husband was advised it was received by PennDOT on Jan. 24. Strange that Main Street did not have it yet. They will look for a phone number or email address and then contact us by phone to keep us informed on the situation. No phone call. Next doctor appointment, stopped by Main Street again. This time my husband was told that it was not received and needed to be resubmitted and that it would be another two weeks.

So much for that additional $12 for messenger service! What if we had not stopped by to see why we had not yet received it? Is there not anyone whom follows up on the messenger service people are paying for? There was no answer to this question and I was advised nothing else could be done. I called Penn DOT to discover the form was received the day after the first follow up visit to Main Street.

Last and final call, to Rep. Garth Everett’s office. I spoke with a very helpful and friendly woman named Cathy. At that point, I was advised that if I brought the aforementioned original form which the doctor provided to the representative’s office, there is no charge for the notary service and it would be received within a week. So imagine what my face looked like when I reiterated “If I need a handicapped placard, I can take the completed form to my representative’s office where it will be notarized for free and received back within a week?” and was very simply and shortly told “yes”.

I never knew this service was offered. Why is there not a place where one can obtain these immediately without having to wait for the mailing time? After all, when this happens, you are frustrated and upset enough that you can’t get around yourself without the additional strain on one’s family and or/friends. Perhaps this is something our representative can work on!

Tami L. Wertman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom