More to be done

Recently I read the two articles in the Sun-Gazette regarding the “fix” for the flood insurance debacle. As a member of the grassroots movement Stop FEMA Now (SFN)I felt I had to comment. First I want to make it crystal clear that SFN DOES NOT consider this to be finished.

The recently passed bill, The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014, was the best we felt we could squeeze out of the politicians who passed this, before elections.

We ultimately want this manmade disaster, known as Biggert-Waters, overturned and repealed. That is what should have happened but in the current political environment it was not possible. However SFN members are determined to keep up the pressure, to monitor this law and to press for further changes to help second homeowners and business owners, as well as primary homeowners.

To have two different standards for second homeowners/businesses and primary homeowners is totally unfair, ridiculous and based on the erroneous assumption that these individuals are all “rich” & therefore should bare the cost of balancing FEMA’s inefficiency, corruption and faulty maps. SFN is here for the long run, i.e. until this mistake is fully corrected and repealed; anyone that doubts that will soon learn they are incorrect. That is point number one.

Point number two is the fact that there are many who now want to step forward and proclaim that they corrected this and have won a great victory for normal, hardworking, middle and low income homeowners. Let me make something perfectly clear; this “victory” (and as long as there are people suffering and losing homes from this debacle there is no true victory) was “won” by a grassroots national effort that could probably teach some big league lobbyists how to pressure those in power to change things.

It was unending calls, emails, letters, tweets, etc. that have moved this forward and will continue to do so. It was days off of work, it was travel to support each other, It was everyday people working together, refusing to give up and fighting for their homes and others. Give credit where credit is due, if you’re not involved get involved through joining us on, and most of all realize there is power in numbers.

There is plenty more work to be done. In conclusion I also want to mention that while SFN appreciates those who voted for the changes we also want to remind everyone that they are also the ones who put this into law in the first place. And also that we need more participation from everyone in the community, from local leaders, to bankers, to realtors, to business owners, etc. Ask yourself if the national “leaders” had not been challenged on this, what else would they have attempted?

Jeff Smead


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom