Now it’s climate change

I was born in the early twenties.

I clearly remember all our homes, businesses and industry were heated by coal. All the trains were steam locomotives with firemen to shovel in the coal. Coal was the power

America needed to win World War II.

Pittsburgh, Bethlehem, Aliquippa were steel towns covered with big black clouds from the blast furnaces that made America strong.

Baby boomers and their kids did not see this smoke and soot like I grew up with. All industry and colleges and schools were heated and powered by coal.

I saw the Dust bowls in the central America dry up and most of the farmers in the 30’s abandoned their farms and moved west.

Our schools and colleges don’t teach this actual history about our past and now tell us to beware of climate change that is cause by coal. America is better now than then but our climate has not changed or global warming is not a real factor in our history.

Do not be scared by the extremist environmentalists.

Howard Casselberry

Lock Haven

Submitted by E-Mail