Politicians pushing

How far can these politicians push people who have done everything right all their life, worked hard and now John Boehner and Pat Toomey (by supporting Biggert-Waters) are making their biggest investment (their home) worthless. This is a manmade crisis and man can fix it. How can I be paying less than $500 a month fire insurance if my building burns down to the ground, but if I get a flood where I may lose some carpet and some basement utilities, I am being forced to pay over $4,000? Why? I have called John Boehner and Toomey’s offices and told them to call me, not an aide.

They do not have the right to do this to hard working families. Who do they think they are? They want us to cower in a corner and not do anything? I am mad as hell! Someone steals from me, what is the difference?? They are stealing my property value and forcing us to pay ridiculous rates. I can call them terrorists, ruining our country, liars, and I am thought of as the nut standing there with the sign that says “The world is coming to an end”. Many of our government officials are bought and paid for. It’s not we the people any more. It’s we the royalist, by the royalists, for the royalist. Who is the crazy one here? How about this for a nation trying to move forward! No homes or businesses sold ever, near any creek, river, shore, brook, underground well, spring, estuary, tributary, beck, branch, course, rill, rivulet, run, water coastline in the entire country!

Mim Logue

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom