Potential victim

This letter is in response to Michael Shulski’s letter of March 15,2014. entitled “The Gun Issue” I suggest it’s worthwhile reading for anyone who wants to get a good idea of “Liberal Speak.”

He states “These local rednecks and influx gangbangas have more in common than they realize, Both love their guns.” Mr. Shulski goes on to reveal that he was once mugged and stomped and that his apartment was broken into and $1,000.00 worth of goods were stolen. He also says that he sees no need to own a gun or any other deadly weapon. He continues “I believe in a civilized society where the police control violence.”

Let’s be clear, Police do not control violence, they investigate it, after the fact. If some unfortunate victim lost their life due to a crimnial act all the cops in the world can’t bring them back, and all the anti-gun laws won’t help either because outlaws don’t obey laws. (For you Progressives, who may be book smart but incredibly street stupid that’s why they’re called outlaws.)

For anyone to suggest that law-abiding citizens need not be armed to protect themselves and their families, to me, is the height of arrogance and naivete.

As for myself, I will remain armed, and anyone who likes, may feel free to call me a “Redneck” and for those who choose to be un-armed, I will refer to you as a “Potential Victim.”

Marlin D. Lilley Jr.

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom