Pure dishonesty

I feel compelled to respond to a statement in Phil Underwood’s letter in the March 7 2014 letter column:

“Creationism versus evolution is an example of religious conflict with science.”

I’m afraid that’s exactly the lie that evolutionists want everyone to believe.

Objective, provable scientific facts do not support evolution or refute creation.

On the contrary, many scientists are also creationists, and have scientific reasons for their position.

They’re often denied tenure and recognition by evolunistic beauracrats because of the stand they take, but they’re around, and there are a lot of them.

Don’t let high-profile celebrities or public-school conditioning manipulate you (they get away with it by insisting that churches want to do it).

I recommend the work of Dr. Henry Morris, Dr. John Whitcomb and Dr. Kent Hovind, among many others.

If we want to be fair and objective, we should finish listening to both sides.

One you have really researched the issue, make up your own mind.

Go ahead and believe in evolution if you wish. But please stop using the word “science” as a euphemism for it.

That’s pure dishonesty.

Steve Losee


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom