Reading minds

Did you know you have the ability to read minds? Not all of the time, but when you are behind the wheel of a car, and I can prove it. All you have to do to test this out is to change lanes, or make a turn at an intersection without signaling first. You now have the ability to know what any driver around you is thinking.

How about talking on your cell phone or texting while you are driving? In that case, you can even tell that person you are talking to or texting that you can read the minds of the drivers around you!

Or you can drive like you are the only one on the road at whatever speed, fast or slow, that you want. You can ignore lane ending signs, no passing signs, speed signs and stop signs. See, you now are able to know what other drivers are thinking.

Another method is to drive during rainy, snowy, foggy, and hard to see days without turning on your headlights so others can see you better! You are a mind reader at that point too.

Here is my favorite. Do not use the acceleration lane of an on ramp to accelerate up to highway speed and merge smoothly but rather try to get on at least 20 mph or more slower, and then gradually speed up. For bonus points add to that talking on your cell phone, and or not signaling for the strongest vibes of what the other drivers are thinking!

Oh, I know, this one works every time: Get in the passing lane, and don’t pass!! Wow, catch those vibes!

Now of course, some of the other drivers will cheat, and use hand signals to help you read their minds. To confirm this ability to read minds, all you have to do is any one of these stunts, and cause an accident, and I am sure that person will be more than happy to share, what you already knew they were thinking in the first place.

The problem when you drive like that is, nobody else can read your mind, because we all wonder “What the heck were YOU thinking!”

Keith McAndrew


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom