Real story revisited

If Deb Kuhar really wants the public to know the facts about voluntary payroll deductions, I will help a bit with this mission.

I know Deb Kuhar and respect her highly. She is a talented and valuable member of the Hughesville High School staff. I could never question her professionalism

But she has not given the whole story about payroll deductions. No one wants to prevent her from making voluntary contributions for union dues or for any of the other purposes that paycheck deductions serve. What we conservatives object to is who pays for collecting the voluntary contributions.

Collection of deductions for taxes, retirement, and insurances that benefit employees and are managed by the school district are legitimately paid for by the school district with taxpayer funds.

Union dues are another matter. Yes, these are voluntary for many school employees. Many more of them do not willingly belong to unions, but they do because state law forces them to make payments to unions whether they wish to or not. What we object to is that we conservatives are paying with our taxes for these union dues to be collected. Unions say this cost is so small that it should not matter. If that is true, they can afford to pay for the collection of voluntary contributions themselves.

Additionally we have no say in how the unions use the money they collect on our dime. Unions, including PSEA and NEA, contribute millions to political candidates that they support. This is really unfair to taxpayers of all economic brackets who pay for the collection of these dues. I objected to paying support for liberal candidates when I paid PSEA/NEA dues, and I still object to paying for the collections. Let the unions pay for the collections

It has nothing to do with “stifling the voice of the working class.” We want to allow Deb to make voluntary contributions. We just don’t want to pay to collect them. State legislators do not wish to eliminate any rights to contribute. They do not threaten state workers or unions. This proposed legislation is to protect my rights as a taxpayer.

Burrows C. Boston


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom