Senior struggles

How are the senior citizens supposed to live? My mother is 83 years old and has a hard time getting by on her Social Security. Last fall her electric bill was pretty high so she called her supplier. They suggested putting her on a budget for the year. She was doing fine then they sent her a notice that she was more than $400.00 behind. Her grandson gave her $400.00 to catch it up and she thought that was nice of him to help out. She called her supplier and told them she was gonna pay her monthly bill + the $400.00 she was behind. Today I took her to her doctor visit and on the way to pick her up I got her mail.

The new electric bill was there. When she opened the bill she had tears in her eyes. The new bill went from being $400 to over $800 in one month. My mother heats with an Edenpure heater and a gas wall heater. Her water heater is turned on for a total of 2 hours for the whole month.

She leaves nothing plugged in that she’s not using including the television. Answer me and tell me how in the world an 83-year-old woman can use $400+ worth of electricity in one month when she has to set in her mobile home with only half of it heated with a sweater to stay warm?

Craig Galligher


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom