Teach your children

In CSNY’s classic song “Teach your children”, there is a line, “…and feed them on your dream ” The Obama administration is feeding our children on dreams all right – with a nightmare to come.

Our all-knowing leader has proposed a multi-billion-dollar addition to the already bloated federal education outlay for government sponsored Pre- K. The scheme is being sold to the masses as preparing the children earlier for the learning experience. Another load of horse hockey from the smoke and mirror machine.

Under this scenario, children as young as four, barely out of diapers, would be shuttled into State – structured forced “learning” environments instead of gradually honing their basic skills at home with a parent. And when I say “State” I don’t mean the individual sovereign states of the Union but the State of Big Brother, the creator of the debacle known as Common Core. What better way to fully control the future generations than to indoctrinate them fully, almost from the moment of birth?

The recent announcement that the SATs are going to be changed to comply with Common Core should send a chill through everyone who cares at all about our young people’s future. Once every school in the nation is forced, by simply withholding funds, to teach only what the State deems acceptable, the full menu of filtered information will be crammed down every student’s craw. Teaching and testing will be done per rigid standards; all textbooks will be State – published and State – approved; every student will be monitored with personally identifiable electronic data; the State will decide who advances; our youth will be little more than automatons, reciting the mantra of the State. Our brilliant local kids, the ones like the participants in Odyssey of the Mind, will lose their incentive to excel.

We adults, we “geezers” are mostly beyond the firm grasp of centralized control. But history has shown that if you want to ensure a future outcome you must mold the minds of the children, and do it early. There’s still time to prevent this from happening, but don’t wait too long. We must teach our children well ourselves.

Jon Smith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom