The battle to be free

Citizens, are we losing the battle to be free?

The Democrats keep trying to destroy this nation by not honoring the Constitution, giving illegal immigrants freebies, (money, hospitalization, free college tuition, etc? and to those who are self absorbed when saying, “What’s in it for me?” In addition, the Republicans are no better, (I am a Republican but do not subscribe to some of those who are less conservative and more liberal).

Worst of all, most politicians ignore the smaller groups and rural counties in this great nation because, “Oh, well, they’re just country folks.”

As a Conservative Republican, and a Mansfield Tea Party Member, I take affront to this. First, I am a woman who cares about this country and the smaller members of my family. Secondly, I am tired of politicians listening only to those with the largest donations and to the dictates of their particular party.

We citizens will never be listened to, or seldom meet our representatives, if we do not take the initiative to shout, “We rural areas are important and we will not allow any politician to tread on us anymore. Hear our roars or say good-bye to your job.”

In 2014, every citizen should register to vote, join groups, clubs, etc. to announce to all politicians that we will not put up with you turning your back on us. If an iron fist ruling you and you do nothing while the United States of America is no more?

It is your choice on what this country will be like in the very near future and how the littlest members of your family are ruled; Constitution or Putin-like. Do you want to remain free for all time or under a person’s or a party’s thumb?

Please join us at the Mansfield Tea Party future meetings, when we meet our representatives and at functional outings; such as the bus ride to the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg to pass the word around that Tioga County and the rural communities in North Central Pennsylvania are here to stay. Can you hear us now?

Ida M. Temple


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom