The gun issue

These local rednecks and influx gangbangas have more in common than they realize. Both love their guns. Each side, when frightened, is likely to rely on violence or the threat of violence.

I was once mugged and stomped to the point I had to crawl under a moving van and call the police.

My old apartment was broken into and over $1,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. Do I think I need to own a gun or some other deadly weapon? No. I believe in a civilized society where the police control violence.

There are two main reasons people own guns.

The first, and most admirable, is for sport and hunting.

The second, and most cowardly, is out of fear of either the government or their fellow Americans. If citizens think the government should be controlled with private ownership of firearms, then those people no longer believe in the political process and democracy.

They’ve lost faith in electoral politics and are, frankly, too intellectually lazy to put pressure on their Republican representatives in government.

Michael Shulski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom