The real worry

A recent letter compares pot to other legal drugs, like tobacco and alcohol. It appears the comparison is made to negate the guilt of those recently busted for mailing pot from Arizona. The argument, it seems, is that tobacco is harmful, yet is sold legally, so these suspects are innocent.

Tobacco can be sold legally, for sure. The writer is missing the point. If these suspects had gone to Arizona and bought cigarettes, stuffed them in teddy bears, and shipped them to Pennsylvania for resale, they’d be in just as much hot water.

And that right there’s the point. It appears the pot came from Arizona. As the writer pointed out, many states have medical marijuana laws, and Arizona was one of those. These suspects had a legal avenue to sell their drugs: They could have applied for a license to operate a dispensary, paid their taxes, and run a respectable business. Instead, they had their totally-legal avenue, disregarded it, and proceeded to deceive countless Postal Service employees and a few tax agencies.

The point? The charges have far less to do with pot than they do with lies and deceit. They’ve already proven they’ve no problem with lying to government officials they ask you at the Post Office if you’re mailing anything illegal therefore, they can’t be trusted to show up to court.

They decided to cheat on buying pot in a state where they could’ve done it legally, they decided to cheat on getting the drugs transported to Pennsylvania, so why would they not cheat and skip out on bail?

Robert Lynn

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom